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Ron Barshop, CEO of Beacon Clinics (, delivers a stirring overview of their intensive work in the field of allergies.

As CEO of Beacon Clinics, a top ancillary income provider for many primary care providers, Barshop is in the center of what’s happening and developing in medical science. Beacon has been heavily involved in allergy outcomes, developing industry-leading safety protocols, and increasing patient volume.

Barshop talks about Beacon’s involvement in the area of allergies, and how the scope is huge because so many people suffer from various allergies. He explains that primary care physicians (PCPs) are starving for ways to stay afloat financially, and allergies is a wide-open field. As Barshop explains, allergies are officially a disease, and there is a cure. He talks about the various types of pollens and weeds that affect people, and his own personal story growing up, suffering from intense allergies.

Barshop explains the process of allergy impact, and how the body’s immune system tries to rid the allergen, the invader, from the body. He talks about airborne allergy issues and also discusses food allergies, which affects different systems. Barshop explains how skin tests and blood tests are effective at determining the problems a particular patient is dealing with. He explains the differences between taking allergy meds, like Flonase, versus allergy shots, the latter of which he advocates. Sadly, many people find themselves in an endless loop of suffering, medicating, and suffering again.

Barshop talks about molds and dust mites, and other major offenders that keep people suffering from a litany of dreadful, nagging symptoms. Barshop explains the importance of mycology. Mycology is the specific branch of biology that deals with the study of fungi, inclusive of its genetic and biochemical properties, their specific taxonomy, and use to human beings as a true and proper source for medicine and food, and inclusive of the various implications for toxicity, etc.

Barshop describes Beacon’s business model and its efficiency. Barshop’s important work has earned him multiple leadership awards as well as prestigious honors in the state of Texas. He was recently named CEO of the Year 2019 by IAOP, and he is a member of many San Antonio civic boards and organizations across the state.


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