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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Bridge Builders supports companies that work towards accessible mind-training technology through investments. He explains some of these steps from idea to implementation by discussing:

  • How Bridge Builders is a collaborative group rather than a fund and why that makes a difference for investments.
  • Some of the most popular apps they’ve supported like Headspace to some newer ones with great potential like Insight Timer. 
  • Future projects that fit several needs such as mental health support applications.


Operating Partner of Bridge Builders, Charlie Hartwell describes the more fluid style of the collaborative investment model. He touches on the 12 companies his group supports and then goes into more detail about some of the applications they’ve helped bring about, further explaining their steps from idea to implementation.

He describes in particular one app that’s growing in popularity called Insight Timer. It offers mindfulness inspiration, meditations, and music from over 5,000 teachers around the world. Additional projects include an app that helps with addiction, the Muse headband, and Fabriq, an app that helps organize and enable better intentionality with relationship building, both social and professional.

Mr. Hartwell also addresses projects that need more attention and may come under their purview such as research into psychedelic drug potential to treat various struggles such as PTSD. He mentions as well the rise in alternatives to nonwestern medical practitioners—and would like to see the development of that field become more mainstream. 

For more see He also posts frequently to LinkedIn and publishes Medium articles.

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