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Greg Kieser, Founder at LLC, and author of the book, Dear Machine: A Letter to a Super-Aware/Intelligent Machine (SAIM), discusses his passion for investing in forward-thinking companies that help people improve their lives. is a think-tank and angel investment firm based out of Brooklyn, NY that is wholly dedicated to preparing humanity for the coming emergence of superintelligent entities via the study and proliferation of ‘supersystemic’ perspectives and groundbreaking innovations.

Greg Kieser’s particularly strong interest in complex systems science led him to launch Kieser’s previous work at a poverty-relief type foundation enhanced his growing interest in how investments affect the physical and mental well-being of lower-income New Yorkers in general.

Kieser discusses his new book, Dear Machine: A Letter to a Super-Aware/Intelligent Machine (SAIM), and how he hypothesized that superintelligence will emerge to improve lives, from our transportation networks to our shopping, google maps, facebooks learning, etc. He elaborates on the mechanisms of our current technologies, including a detailed analysis of blockchain and how it will be utilized to improve systems.

He discusses his idea for an investment firm that has a truly positive impact. He talks about health issues and the microbiome. He explains how one of his first investments was in a microbiome company that was working in the area of fecal therapy, a therapy that is designed to help improve issues such as autoimmune disorders, skin problems, digestive conditions, IBS, etc.

Kieser talks about some of the important factors in fecal transplantation. Fecal transplantation also referred to as bacteriotherapy, is the actual transfer of stool from a healthy person into the gastrointestinal tract of another, to treat recurrent C. difficile colitis. In our modern world, many antibiotics may be disrupting the microbiome causing disease by wiping out the healthy, good bacteria in our guts.

Kieser discusses the screening and testing of donors, looking for healthy people who ideally have never had antibiotics, and have lived lives essentially free of disease and health problems.

KIeser discusses some of the other health-positive companies that he is interested in, companies that are helping people with all sorts of health problems, from the physical to the mental. He explains various studies that are ongoing and how we are learning about new treatments that could prove to be highly beneficial.

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