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Nav Dhunay, president and CEO of Imaginea Ai (, presents a detailed overview of artificial intelligence technology that is bringing more efficiency and productivity to businesses globally. Dhunay brings a diverse background and experience to the position of president and CEO of Imaginea Ai. Dhunay has made significant achievements in the fields of artificial intelligence and clean technology and is a respected voice in multiple fields, including technology and energy. He is a sought-after expert in the area of early emerging trends in evolving technologies. Dhunay has strong ties to Silicon Valley and an intense drive to push for innovation within his companies by fostering an environment where experimentation and collaboration are encouraged. Dhunay’s prime areas of focus are in technology, corporate development, management, business operations, strategy, product development, startups, and company culture.

Dhunay’s company, Imaginea Ai, is an artificial intelligence company whose mission is to help industries work better, faster, more efficiently, and smarter. The Imaginea Ai platform was crafted with the idea that innovation arrives through the liaison of global talent, leading-edge products, and highly driven commercial organizations, and by allowing AI to be fully integrated.

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Dhunay states that AI is not accessible to everyone so his company wants to change that dynamic in terms of access to clean data and affordability, etc. He explains that by increasing the global pool of data scientists, costs can come down across the board.

Dhunay talks about Imaginea’s platform specifics, and how it provides an opportunity for organizations to engage in meaningful, technology-driven partnerships in order to tackle real-world problems. By linking with global AI technologies and specialist talent, and allowing buyers and sellers to transact with complete transparency and security, Dhunay’s team seeks to truly democratize AI.

Dhunay discusses the importance of tech talent and nurturing data scientists. He gives an overview of how 99-cent apps have truly changed the way some businesses work by simplifying tasks through the use of these apps.

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And he explains how cryptocurrency and blockchain has innovated the platform by simplifying transactions and processes. And Dhunay speaks about the possibility that Imaginea Ai may soon develop their own token or work with other top cryptocurrency that is currently in the marketplace, in order to further accelerate access to their platform.

The AI expert provides details on some of the areas that he and his team at Imaginea Ai are excited about, such as the marketplace that Dhunay refers to as a smart market, which is a place where data scientists can commoditize their artificial intelligence. Dhunay explains that he wants to give data scientists this opportunity to share the work they create, outside of their job, to provide them additional revenue, and to give the community more AI options to utilize for their work-related tasks and functions.

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Dhunay states that he hopes to give the community a one-stop-shop platform that benefits the creators, and the users, as artificial intelligence technology is applied on a mass scale to dramatically change industrial operations worldwide.

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