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Andrew Hubbard, CEO of Ai-London (, delivers a thorough discussion on the many new tools that businesses and individuals can utilize to expand their use of cloud service-based technologies for investment, insurance, and beyond. Hubbard’s realization that people of all ages and backgrounds wanted to engage with insurance companies digitally drove him to push Ai-London to solve the problem and open up new avenues for discovery. Hubbard explains how the information and policies were once completely geared toward underwriters, insurance agents, and claim specialists, but was woefully lacking in the digital and mobile arena.

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He talks about how Ai-London seeks to move core systems into the cloud in order to truly innovate and turn the industry on its ear.

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Ai-London is a strategic management solutions company that works with life, savings and investment providers who seek to place customers directly in the center of their strategies and systems. Ai-London offers software assets, process and project management skills for business, as well as a full range of technology support services. Hubbard’s company focuses on four primary performance areas: organizational efficiency, digital transformation strategy, line of business convergence, and customer experience. And the company seeks to offer strategies that focus significantly on the management of risk.

Ai-London offers multiple software options that deal with policy administration, customer-based compliance, and innovation. Their Ai-PAS system that deals with policy administration are an end-to-end comprehensive system that covers the lifecycle of the policy. It offers web services, batch management, product configuration and more that provide for an optimized business model and successful business results as they pertain to current and future investments. Their Ai-CXP system (customer-centric and compliance-conscious) establishes secure records for customer engagements with a focus on the insurer/customer transaction. And their innovation software, Ai-LAB, is an advanced incubation platform for firms that desire to engage in digital and social media type initiatives. It encompasses many digital insurance products, such as those that are social media oriented or short-term, utilizing blockchain.

By innovating and reinventing the social media aspects of investment and savings opportunities, Hubbard outlines how his company is helping to launch many investment strategies and situations that help not only businesses but everyday people who may want to help friends and family or social causes. Hubbard details the ways blockchain has expanded opportunities for many transactions and how industries are excited to begin using blockchain as it offers careful recording of information that is secure. Hubbard states that from an industry point of view, sponsoring independent innovation hubs is a means to break through the barriers to adopting blockchain, and AI.

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The technology innovator discusses some pitfalls and issues that may develop in the use of AI as it pertains to his industry. And he details some of the successes of his company’s platform, AI LAB, as the technological advances of cloud services expand and develop.


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