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Author Dr. Tom O’Bryan shares his thoughts on how to boost immune systems as the coronavirus spreads. He touches on the following issues:

  • Why testing for the Covid-19 antibodies is a beneficial tool,
  • What we should have in our medicine cabinets and on our plates to boost immune systems, and 
  • What are some daily habits to reduce stress and improve our mental health. 

Author and National Book Award winner Dr. Tom O-Bryan is a strong and consistent voice in the medical world.

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He specializes in functional medicine and works to communicate with and educate the public on all sorts of medical issues.

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In this podcast he addresses ways listeners can boost their immune system amid the worries about the latest strain of the coronavirus. 

He reminds listeners of the basic timeline of how the virus hits and discusses the delay from the initial onset of symptoms to the drop to a much worse condition. He explains that this is because the virus can successfully hide in our cells from part of our immune system for a time. He comments that zinc is an effective way to protect our cells in this situation and in general. He also designates vitamin D and quercetin as helpful products to have on hand in addition to zinc and explains why. 

He then comments on why testing for antibodies is helpful in knowing the best actions to take and in knowing to what degree one needs to worry when the virus flares again sometime in the fall. He also discusses some mental health exercises, why it is important to not embrace junk food but rather eat every color in the rainbow especially now, and he offers several  other methods for self-care.

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For more, listeners can tune in to “Coffee with Dr. Tom” at 9 am pacific on Facebook, Instagram, and his YouTube channel. The talks are being archived and past talks are available.

For more and for links to his talks, see

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