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Jarett Boskovich, cofounder and chief marketing officer at WowYow Inc. (, delivers a comprehensive overview of his AI-based company’s exciting technology.

Boskovich has more than a decade of solid entrepreneurial experience and has worked with many successful Fortune 500 companies. With a distinguished background operating in sales and marketing, Boskovich seeks to bring all of his skills to WowYow Inc., the advanced AI-based company he cofounded.

Boskovich’s company has developed sophisticated technology that can scan video content to unlatch fresh supply and demand sources that can solve an assortment of digital media problems. Boskovich talks about WowYow’s position in the digital media space as a forward-thinking visual AI company. As he states, WowYow’s AI can be used to identify, index, search, and monetize visual content, across multiple platforms and devices. It’s people, places, products and things… in useable metadata delivery.

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As he explains, users can literally search video and unlock the data within.

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Imagine seeing a pro baller’s sneakers in a game, and wanting to know what they are, and if you could buy them for yourself… WowYow can help.

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The tech entrepreneur talks about the depth of data that companies can use to create business opportunities. He states that while many things can be identified in video content, not every piece needs to be, or should be, so the technology is expanding as are the safeguards. Boskovich discusses the kinds of content in which the AI can be utilized to assist consumers.

The innovative company seeks to turn the industry on its ear, to literally change how we interact with and monetize deep visual content to provide an intense, original experience for businesses and companies as well as consumers interacting from various devices and platforms. Boskovich has high expectations for his company, and the company is working continuously to expand further into augmented reality, television, gaming consoles, and virtual reality.

Moving forward, Boskovich states they will be rolling out many new platform innovations that will create all new ad experiences for consumers. As the technology expands, Boskovich will be working with his team to bridge all tech gaps to make the consumer experience more exciting and productive.

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