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In this conversation, we connect with Jill Thomas, an intuitive hypnotherapist, clairvoyant reader, author, medium, and vocal channel. With more than 18 years of experience, Jill accesses the unconscious mind to help others achieve the lifestyle and wellness goals they couldn’t otherwise reach – from losing weight to overcoming toxic relationships.

Jill is the author of many powerful books, including The High Income Healer, Feed Your Real Hunger, and Tales From the Trance. Can hypnotherapy really help you get to the core of debilitating issues and create lasting change? Join us now to find out how this unique practice allows people to reach their full potential and find inner peace…

Jump in now to discover:

  • What hypnotherapy is, and how it helps people shift their habits.
  • The difference between a hypnotic state and a flow state.
  • How music can be used to enhance performance.
  • The different levels of hypnosis.

To learn more about Jill and her fascinating work, click here now!

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