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How do primary deficiency disorders affect those who present with them? Since some aren’t even common enough to name, the effects can be quite challenging to pin down.

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Listen up to learn:

  • How studying a single gene disorder can offer insight
  • Possibilities to begin treating overreactions in immune responses
  • What modulates people’s reaction to Hyper IgE syndrome

Professor of Medicine and the Director of the Center for Personalized Immunology, Matthew Cook, shares his work understanding the effects of immune-mediated diseases.

Immune disorders can be debilitating for some of those who have them, but they can also run the gamut of effects from innocuous to severe. However, by examining the genetics of the diseases and those who have them, we may be able to begin demystifying some of the causes.

Once we can begin to understand the genetic makeup and its effects on the immune condition, we can start developing treatments to help those who suffer from them. However, a patient’s microbiome may make a significant difference.

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