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In this episode, we connect with therapist Isaac Smith. Isaac is the founder and Executive Director of Whole Wellness Therapy, a private therapy collective that specializes in addiction, anxiety, grief, and loss.

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Isaac began working in this field in 2012, and since then, he has helped people in a wide assortment of settings – from dialectical behavior therapy agencies to hospice organizations.

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Originally wanting to exclusively work in hospice, Isaac found himself gravitating toward the “sacred and important” work of therapy. Now, with Whole Wellness Therapy, he has made an important resource available to those striving to reclaim their lives and feel whole again…

Listen in to hear Isaac discuss:

  • The kinds of people that Whole Wellness Therapy works with.
  • Common psychological issues that teens face.
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  • How the collective trauma of the pandemic has affected people’s mental health.
  • The importance of not demonizing the substance that patients are addicted to.

Want to learn more about Isaac and his important work with Whole Wellness Therapy? Click here now!

Episode also available on Apple Podcast:

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