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Have you been interested in trying a keto diet, but had trouble getting going and sticking with the strict rules?

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Or maybe you’re just worried about the infamous “keto flu.” Gary Millet, the founder of Kegenix, joins the podcast to discuss a way around these challenges: by consuming exogenous ketones in liquid form and simply reducing your carb intake, you can enter a state of ketosis within a matter of an hour, making the path forward much easier.

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The team at Kegenix has combined MCT oil and ketone salts into a substance that not only delivers exogenous ketones but also stimulates your body’s own ability to produce ketones—extending the state of ketosis far beyond what you’d get by just taking ketone salts. They’ve also created the first ketone meal replacement that not only contains all of the macro-nutrients and vitamins that a keto meal would have, but can be made into pancakes, waffles, biscuits, and more.

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In the works are products designed to specifically address different goals, such as weight loss or increased and sustained energy.

Millet touches on a range of interesting topics, including the important difference between ketone esters and ketone salts, what’s really happening in the body when people experience the “keto flu” and why exogenous ketones can help you avoid it, and what happens when the body uses ketones as fuel versus glucose as fuel.

Tune in for all the details and check out for more info.

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