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When Jeff Dachis was unexpectedly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2013, he was given nothing more than a short conversation with a nurse practitioner, an insulin pen, and a prescription. He was shocked by the life-threatening diagnosis and left with so many questions and concerns that all he could do in those moments was break down. But after a few days, he decided to make a change. With a background in technology, Dachis began brainstorming the ways in which he could obtain all of the data related to his health and new diagnosis, and make use of it in a way that would allow him to make better choices and prevent negative events from happening in the future; this is when One Drop began.

One Drop is a diabetes management platform that uses mobile computing and data science to help people make sense of and utilize their health and lifestyle data in ways that enable them to live their best lives. The app makes it easy for people to enter their data on the One Drop platform, and once they do, that data not only benefits them but the entire community of One Drop users. The One Drop glucose meter is wireless with the ability to automatically sync all glucose data into the One Drop app, automatically track a user’s every step, and integrate seamlessly with any wearable fitness tracker on the market. It automatically integrates information such as weight, blood pressure, medication intake, and more.

The One Drop app focuses on accomplishing three goals: harnessing the power of predictive data science to benefit their users, providing dedicated, personal care and coaching to every user, and ensuring an ecosystem of connected devices and supplies. Dachis makes for a fascinating episode, discussing the details of all this and more.

Tune in and check out to get the app for yourself.


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