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Historically, customer service (CS) is an impersonal experience.

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You get assigned a ticket, and a case number, and you receive emails from a no-reply address.

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Often, it doesn’t feel like you’re talking to a real human being. From the company’s side, all that systematic organization makes sense: CS is dealing with a lot of people. But for the user, it can be frustrating and slow.

Help Scout is a tool designed to facilitate a real conversation between users and CS.
The idea behind Help Scout was to create the first “invisible helpdesk.” It’s email management software that can be deployed at scale. On the CS side, there’s an elegant UI that blends Help Scout into a normal email inbox. For users, it’s like receiving personal emails from an individual CS person. Help Scout is used by 8000 companies across the world in 140 different countries.

Tune in to learn more about Help Scout. Subscribe, review, and if you can, consider donating some BitCoin to the cause.

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Every little bit helps.

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