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Katelyn Parsons, holistic health coach and founder of Katelyn Parsons Modern Girl Holistics (, talks about lifestyle and nutrition choices that can help us all to feel better and live healthier lives.

As a certified Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Teacher in San Diego, California, Katelyn specializes in helping career women let go of weight while feeling more empowered when around food, which provides the confidence, and powerful energy, to push forward and accomplish their dreams.

Katelyn discusses her background and the personal struggles that led to her career. From a young age, she was constantly on diets trying to lose weight, which led to bulimia that she battled until her mid-20s. After hitting a low point, she sought help and treatment, and emotional support from her family, and began her path toward a healthier life through better nutrition, using food to heal not harm. Moving forward, Katelyn wanted to share her success with others, and help people find balance in their lives.

Katelyn talks about the joyful experience of helping other women with their own struggles. As Katelyn states, her holistic health approach focuses on lifestyle as well as nutrition. She states that she looks at every person individually, and the multiple areas of their lives, in order to devise a plan to help them. She talks about how we compare ourselves to others and the importance of focusing on the path that you are on individually. The nutrition and lifestyle expert talks about internal health and detoxification, and the concept of ‘plate building’ in terms of choosing new ways to eat healthier, eating nutritious food abundantly.

Katelyn discusses the ways to stop food cravings. She expounds upon the benefits of adding healthy fats to our diets. Finally, Katelyn talks about the variations within her program and the many types of training and resources she provides to her clients. From balancing blood sugar to know how to make smart choices when shopping, and beyond, Katelyn works individually with people to help them make their transformations.

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