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Dr. Aggarwal, ND, Naturopathic doctor, Bowen therapist, and psychotherapist talks about the mind-body connection and his corresponding work with patients all over the world. He describes:

  • The three physical pillars of bodily health and how each function.
  • Why the liver is the most important of these three and what symptoms indicate liver problems.
  • Why relieving emotional trauma through EMDR can substantially affect bodily healing.
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Ameet Aggarwal, ND, is originally from Kenya, but spent time in Canada obtaining his Naturopathic Medicine degree. He has clients all over the world and has recently returned to Kenya to engage in mobile homeopathy work for poor communities.

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His book, Heal Your Body, Cure Your Mind, was written to help fund this outreach project. In addition, Dr. Aggarwal works in private practice and runs health retreats.

He describes how he uses a combination of the psychotherapy treatment called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), as well as family constellations and gestalt to engage emotional healing as well as physical protocols. His goal is to bring clients a place of emotional release that will free the body from damaging the results of emotional pain. He discusses the kinds of clients he’s had, from suffers from sexual abuse to those who’ve encountered terrorist attacks.

He then emphasizes health for what he describes the three pillars of the body: the gut, the adrenal system, and the liver.

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He describes naturopathy benefits that stem from his supplements, vitamins, herbs, and other forms of homeopathy. Finally, he explains the huge factor liver toxicity plays in disease, how problems in the gut lead to inflammation, and why the adrenal system gets wiped out from constantly making cortisol to handle these stressors. By treating each of these bodily systems, he offers clients the best in naturopathy benefits.

For more about contacting him, his services, and his book, see his website:

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