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“Quite simply, we want everyone who’s unbanked globally, which is approximately two billion…

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who are typically incredibly impoverished and many completely undocumented…we want all of them to have access to their local and global economies…to have digital identities and access to financial products and services,” says Hazem Danny Al-Nakib, Chief Innovation Officer of Humaniq.

With a smartphone, internet access, and the Humaniq app, impoverished and undocumented individuals will be able to establish a secure identity for the first time, as well as digitally store and transact with the Humaniq token, HMQ.

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Humaniq is currently exploring solutions for cash-in and cash-out, the implementation of a referral system which would allow for the accumulation and eventual mass adoption of HMQ, and innovative solutions to charitable donation distribution and disaster recovery. They are starting with several communities in Africa, but the team at Humaniq sees the potential for exponential growth in coming years.

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