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Do you ever notice a little bit of blood on your toothbrush while brushing? This isn’t uncommon, and most of us just “brush it off” you might say, but the truth is if your gums are bleeding, then you have a wound where bacteria is penetrating the tissue and entering your bloodstream, paving the way for systemic illness throughout your body. James Hyland, DDS, President and CEO of OraVital, discusses oral infections, how to eliminate them, and why traditional brushing and flossing isn’t the solution. He also explains the science behind halitosis (also known as bad breath), why it can occur even in the healthiest of mouths, how to address it in your daily oral hygiene routine, and why failing to do so could lead to plaque formation in your brain—the hallmark of Lyme disease, syphilis, and Alzheimer’s. On today’s episode, you will learn about all of this and more, including:

  • Where bad breath comes from and what it’s composed of
  • The most effective way to clean your teeth and gums
  • What Dr. Hyland recommends as the protocol for mouth infection treatment and periodontal disease treatment

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