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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Gunter Geiger is the CEO and co-founder of EIR Healthcare, a company that centers its work at the intersection between the technology and infrastructure spaces in healthcare. One of its most recent projects is MedModular, a patient room focused on updating the technological and structural aspects of the inpatient experience. EIR Healthcare’s MedModular rooms can be built within 30 days and delivered directly to a facility for installation or insertion into the existing infrastructure.

Featuring static LED screens, pre-treated materials that prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and hospital-acquired infections, lighting that’s tied to the circadian rhythm, and sound-dampening panels, these rooms have already shown to improve patient experience and ultimately shorten hospital stays.

“Technology is changing faster than you can open up a facility or building…and the infrastructure and needs to support a hospital are completely different than they are for commercial buildings,” says Geiger. This is precisely where EIR Healthcare is stepping in to provide solutions and keep up with the technology and healthcare demands of today’s world.

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