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Cassie Bjork, nutrition and weight loss expert, founder of Cassie.Net, provides a wealth of information that we can all use to live healthier lives.

Bjork has a passion for helping others feel great and live healthier lives. She is an industry leader in the weight loss field, an outspoken advocate and an in-demand speaker. Her International bestseller, Why Am I Still Fat? The Hidden Keys to Unlocking That Stubborn Weight Loss is a must-read for anyone who wants to lose weight and feel great.

Bjork discusses her background as a dietician, and the journey she took that led her to become a passionate weight-loss expert and good health advocate.

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As she explains, she spent a long time following diets, exercising, and working hard, but she couldn’t really lose weight. And it wasn’t until she brought all of that to a full stop, and began eating whole foods—even real butter, nuts, and bacon—that she started to see a change. Bjork expounds upon the importance of eating whole, quality, unprocessed foods. She states that the stress of wanting to lose weight can actually make losing weight more difficult and that it is important to enjoy life. She explains that our bodies are complex, and many of us have food sensitivities—that it’s not all just about food and exercise.

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She talks in-depth about chronic inflammation that can occur with eating poor foods and being stressed out.

Bjork discusses the shift, meaning that it is important to consider making changes for the long term, not just for a quick fix. She underscores that calorie counting is one of the first things you want to discard when making an effort to actually eat better and lose weight. As she explains, metabolism burns the excess weight, and in order to have good metabolism you need to eat healthy, quality foods, including eating more healthy fats. “Fat doesn’t make you fat,” Bjork states. She relates how healthy fats such as coconut oil, butter, avocados, nuts, seeds, olives, and olive oil, etc.

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actually do a lot to support a healthy metabolism, helping your body burn fat for energy. Not only will healthy fats help support metabolism, but they are good for your brain function as well.

Weight loss and health advocate talks about cravings, sugars, and alcohol. She explains the phases of achieving a healthier lifestyle and diet, and she states that many people actually experience their greatest weight loss in phase two of her program. Bjork continues; she talks about healthy supplements such as probiotics, glutamine, and fish oil. And she wraps up the podcast by discussing some of the mass marketing that has influenced the ways we have been eating through the years.

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