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As an author, George Howard has published two books on the music industry (Berklee Press), regularly contribute to Forbes, the NYT, and have authored hundreds of widely-read articles on marketing and strategy that have appeared in publications such as The Huffington Post, Time, The Music Business Journal, and others.

Music Audience Exchange (MAX) is reshaping the future landscape of music. Across billions of streams, video views, social shares, and live shows, there are massive, diverse communities of fans forming around more music and more artists than ever before. MAX has built a platform that deeply understands these audiences, and has created a model that gives brands the opportunity to enrich (not interrupt) the fan experience. The MAX Platform™ is built on proprietary data science that maps specific audience attributes to a database of 765 genres, 2.4 million artists, all 4 content types (audio, video, social, live), and a network of channels that reaches 98% of music fans in the places they’re already going to for music.

GHS – Advise on the integration of technology, marketing, intellectual property with an emphasis on awareness and revenue. Capabilities include Strategic Advising, Integration of Traditional and New Media (social, mobile, location-based) marketing, Branding, Technology, Legal, M&A, Business Development, and Training.

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