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Genesis Mining is the world’s first, large scale multi-algorithm cloud mining service, meaning you can mine Bitcoin, Dash, and other alt coins simultaneously, or solely.

Marco Krohn, CFO and Co-founder of Genesis Mining talks about their innovative, and unheard-of mining solutions, such as the ability to dynamically switch the coin you’re mining, based on which coin is most profitable to mine that day!

Marco talks about different sets of algorithms that are used for mining different crypto currencies. Being transparent about the economics of the business, he highlights various elements to consider, including the electricity cost, to the actual cost of the mining machines, the hash rates and so on.

Speaking of hardware, he compares the efficiency of CPU, GPU and Asic chip mining.

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The future seems bright for miners of and crypto currency holders. Marco shares his success story in this podcast and you don’t want to miss out on this.

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