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As opposed to many other leaders in AI, the team at Qualcomm is a leader in edge computing that’s conducted research for the past decade focused on optimizing, improving, and embracing machine learning and general AI algorithms on mobile processors without the need for a connection to the cloud. So, what’s the advantage of on-device computing versus AI cloud players? Aside from improvements in energy consumption, there are actually three that are driving product development: performance, privacy, and reliability.

Since 2008, Qualcomm has been looking into neural networks and deep learning, but the past three years have brought an influx of compute capability and an abundance of algorithmic data, which lead to Qualcomm’s release of one of the first mobile AI platforms and the Snapdragon 820 processor. Since then, Qualcomm has made numerous new developments and optimizations. Tune in to hear the details and to learn what’s on the horizon.

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