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Imagine reaching above your shoulders to change hundreds of light bulbs in a row with no rest, day after day. It wouldn’t take long for this to take a toll on your body–your neck, arms, shoulders, and back especially. Not many of us think about it, but this is essentially what’s required of surgeons as they perform minimally-invasive laparoscopic procedures day in and day out. It was from this realization that Mark Doyle invented AIRFRAME, wearable upper body exoskeleton for surgeons in the operating room.

Soon after the prototype was made public, a number of manufacturers began expressing interest in trialing it, including BMW, Toyota, John Deer, and aerospace tech companies. It turns out that the exoskeleton prototype created by Doyle was not only perfectly suited for surgeons, but for industrial workers on assembly lines, painters, construction workers, and those who work within fulfillment centers and for maintenance operations in various industries.

Mark Doyle joined forces with Joseph Zawaideh to found Levitate, a company focused exclusively on providing this wearable exoskeleton for industrial workers who are forced into an ergonomic red zone due to the nature of their jobs. On today’s episode, Zawaideh discusses the details of the product, describing  how it’s been proven to move workers from the red to green ergonomic zone, how it functions mechanically, and why it will never impede a worker’s productivity.

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