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The Foundation for Economic Education was founded in 1946, with the publication of translated economics works by Ludwig von Mises, an Austrian immigrant. Since then, FEE has prided itself on its devotion to the ideals of the free market, human rights and dignity, and new ideas in the economics sphere.

Today, they have new articles daily bout various topics and even free courses about economics and entrepreneurship. Having seen several economic booms and busts, Jeffrey offers his thoughts on cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. When FEE published their first article about Bitcoin, it was $14 per coin. Since then, Bitcoin has reached $10,000 per coin.

Jeffrey believes that cryptocurrency and blockchain are here for the long run, as they solve old human problems in new ways. Though he forsees some flash crashes, overall he believes that more types of assets will enter the space and that the use cases for blockchain are still in their infancy, with many more to come over the next few years.

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