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Weight loss and stress management seem to top everyone’s list. But our attempts at achieving all types of fitness may be overwhelming. We strive for physical fitness motivation while understanding the importance of mental fitness—it’s a lot. But JJ Flizanes stands out with a unique and inspiring science-based approach that simplifies and calms these claims on our attention. This podcast explores her approach to the laws of attraction.

Listeners will hear

  • How her training in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and physics led to this larger understanding of the frequencies we inhabit,
  • Why being in a place where you are mentally, physically, and emotionally drained indicates the type of mirror you are reflecting on the world, and
  • How to begin to adjust one’s approach and what resources her work offers to listeners to learn more.  

Flizanes is a podcast host, author, speaker, trainer, and Director of Invisible Fitness. Her work to become a trainer opened up her understanding of scientific principals and as she researched even more, she came to understand how we literally have our own operating frequency. She says that “the law of attraction is actually physics: when you apply physics and realize that, it’s a game changer.” Listeners will have an opportunity to hear more about this game-changing approach as the conversation continues.

She says that the frequencies we live with everyday are the same frequencies in our bodies, and these are reflected in our emotions. In other words, how we experience the world is a reflection of where we are, not what we want. She adds that eighty-eight percent of our mind is at a subconscious level, so simply thinking positive thoughts isn’t going to lead to change. Rather, the law of attraction is about adjusting that feedback loop and takes a lot of practice beyond a list of mental fitness tips. However, she provides inspiration to start down that path. 

For more about her work, see her website, which links to her podcasts and other programs:

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