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California is not only the first U.S. state but the first government in the world to mandate the development of regulations for microplastics in drinking water.

What is getting into California’s drinking water?

This will be the first line of investigation as soon as this mandate is implemented. Once we know what we’re being exposed to, we’ll have a much better idea of the problem we face, the health effects we may be experiencing, and ways to tackle the issue.

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Tune in to learn:

  • The best predictor for whether microplastics are causing inflammation and cytotoxicity in the human body
  • What size of plastic particles are removed by the large majority of drinking water treatment plants
  • Why tap water, even with the presence of microplastics, might be a better option than bottled water or refilling 5-gallon containers with reverse osmosis water
  • Tools and techniques for monitoring and analyzing drinking water for microplastics

Scott Coffin has been studying the effects of microplastic pollution on aquatic organisms and humans since 2014. He is a research scientist at the California State Water Resources Control Board, part of the California EPA.

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He shares loads of important information about water — the substance that makes up over half our body weight.

Press play and visit Drinking Water Programs | California State Water Resources Control Board to learn more.

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