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Dr. Oded Nir joins the podcast today to discuss his work in water treatment and resource recovery. As the lab director of the Nir Water Lab in Israel, Dr. Nir works to eliminate water pollution in order to mitigate damage to human health and the environment.

Impaired water quality can cause a vast array of problems, and Dr. Nir is intent on improving this issue in an effort to facilitate a sustainable future for our planet and its inhabitants…

In this episode, you will discover:

  • What drew Dr. Nir to the field of water treatment.
  • The importance of recovering valuable resources from processed water.
  • Di to achieve the sustainable use of water.
  • Types of contaminants that are found in wastewater.

By encouraging a more sustainable and circular economy, Dr. Nir is contributing much to the field of environmental research. Want to know how he is protecting fresh water and food for future generations? Dive in to find out now!

Click here to connect with Dr. Nir’s research at Nir Water Lab!

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