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Adam Cooper, co-founder of GasMob (, provides an interesting overview of how technology is changing everything we do, even how we fill our gas tanks. To say Cooper is pumped about the future of GasMob’s fuel-filling technology would be an understatement as he is brimming with ideas about the many benefits his company’s app can offer to individuals and businesses everywhere.

Co-founders Adam and Brad Cooper grew up in the thriving metropolis of NYC, specifically Manhattan, and through the years they observed that the increased need for residential properties in a city with a finite amount of land, surrounded by water, was creating a desperate situation for motorists who sought an easy fill-up. In fact, Adam Cooper states that there are as few as fifteen gas stations remaining to serve an estimated 1.

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4 million households that own a vehicle that requires gas. With massive real estate projects taking over most of the incredibly valuable lots once inhabited by petroleum resellers, the majority of gas locations exist, inconveniently for many, either on the northern tip or western edge of the island. Cooper discusses how he wanted to find a solution to the long lines, inconvenient locations, and the hassle, thus GasMob was born. With a background in finance and a strong passion for technology, Cooper reached out to his current partner, a respected oil and gas family, to launch the service.

Cooper talks about their platform and their initial foray into offering custom solutions as an amenity for residential and commercial properties, as opposed to a simply on-demand market model, though Cooper does expect to fully expand into on-demand further as well. Cooper provides details about how the service works for users, from initial sign up, to scheduling, and how property owners are pleased to have an additional amenity to attract residents. Cooper relates how it is as simple as opening your gas tank cover, locking your car, and letting GasMob handle the rest—filling your tank in the scheduled window you select and locking up your gas tank afterward, all while you enjoy your day or engage in work, never having to consider it or be hassled to do it yourself.

Cooper discusses the development of the app and how his team at GasMob is closely following every technology advance to continually update and improve their services. GasMob was brought to life by a team of talented developers led by a CTO who understands that technology and innovation go hand in hand. And as technology advances, their team continues to seek opportunities to partner and expand.

The gas delivery guru discusses GasMob’s push to partner with entities that can help to capitalize their future endeavors as they continually innovate and target emerging markets. He talks about their work with companies who have fleets and some of the newer companies that could be in need. He describes their delivery trucks, the sizes and dimensions, and how their delivery vehicles are designed specifically for each unique purpose.

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Additionally, Cooper provides specific detail on the backend portal that fleet owners can view to dig deep into the individual analytics for their entire fleet.

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And as Cooper states, currently the company’s focus is to provide the absolute best service for fuel delivery, but he expects that the future will see GasMob expand into other auto-related services as well.

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