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Most large institutions don’t want to use about BitCoin. They don’t even want to talk about it. As an emergent and in some cases untested technology, BitCoin is mostly used for select applications, and is not broadly accepted. So what makes Fidelity different—Fidelity, the company that tested BitCoin both in-house in their cafeterias, and for their charity?


“I think there is a different cultural aspect,” says Senior VP and Managing Director Hadley Stern. “Fidelity… has a very long-term view of technology. So it’s not necessarily a one or three or five year view… it’s a 30 year view.” In it for the long game, Fidelity sees cryptocurrency as a tremendous new way to validate transactions. Those who discount BitCoin for its downsides are missing out on a “rearchitecture of the internet,” explains Stern.

Tune in to hear more of Stern’s insights. Be sure to subscribe, review. And if you can, consider donating some BitCoin to the cause. Every little bit helps.

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