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“Deep Learning” is an area in artificial intelligence research and design where a “ton of breakthroughs are happening right now,” says Fast.

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AI co-founder Rachel Thomas. Fast.AI’s mission in the AI space is to make Deep Learning more accessible to more people. Where before, you’d need graduate-to-Ph.D.-level work in math just to understand what’s going on, now Fast.AI’s course ware makes Deep Learning techniques available to everyday coders.

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In the last five to six years, Deep Learning has become a hot topic. Technically, Deep Learning is like any other kind of AI, in that it makes your computer behave intelligently. This has been around for decades.

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The difference is, in the last few years, it’s started to take off as sub-field of its own. Deep Learning algorithms mimic neural networks in the brain. And the technology is improving exponentially every year, exceeding human intelligence in some cases. By Deep Learning,” Fast.AI co-founders Rachel Thomas and Jeremy Howard are referring to a very specific class of algorithms applied to specific problems, for example, transcribing speech to text.

Fundamentally, Fast.AI is an education company. The course offered is free. The goal is to help companies train the smart employees they already have to utilize Deep Learning technology.

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