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Nicholas P. Money is a professor, author, and expert on mycology and microbes. He joins the podcast today to discuss a number of fascinating topics.

Tune in to learn about them all, including the following:

  • How fungi move so successfully without musculature
  • In what ways the reproductive lives of fungi are so unique
  • What role serious fungal infections play in human health each year, and the search for new forms of antifungal medications
  • How genetically modified fungi is used to develop some of the most common drugs in medicine, as well as industrially useful chemicals


As a first-year undergraduate attending the University of Bristol in the UK, Nicholas P. Money was captivated by descriptions of a vast group of organisms he’d hardly even heard of: fungi. Since then, he’s passionately pursued a knowledge and understanding of how these organisms work, and has authored a number of books on microbes in general.

His area of expertise is in the biomechanics of fungi, which deal with the ways in which fungi move, grow, and reproduce. He dives into the details of his expertise on fungi and shares insights he’s gained from a variety of research he’s carried out in the field.

This includes the distance and hydrostatic pressure with which spores are released by fungi, how microscopic filaments on fungi manage to penetrate some of the toughest material that exists, and so much more.

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