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Today, we are joined by Courtney Stairs to discuss the fascinating world of protists. These unique organisms, which are neither animals, land plants, fungi, nor bacteria, represent a vastly unexplored biomass on our planet – and Courtney is on a mission to learn as much as she can about them…

Courtney focuses her research on discovering how microbial eukaryotes – a.k.a “protists” – have evolved to thrive in low-oxygen environments. How do they thrive in challenging ecosystems? What does this tell us about how different organisms communicate and interact? Tune in now to expand your scientific knowledge!

In this conversation, we explore: 

  • What protists are. 
  • Why protists are considered a “biologist’s playground.” 
  • Examples of harmful microbial eukaryotes. 
  • How protists are able to thrive without oxygen. 

To learn more about Courtney and her work, click here now!

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