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In this episode, we discuss silicone and polymer chemistry with Michelle Cummings, a Senior R&D Leader at Dow Performance Silicones. With over 25 years of experience in this industry, Michelle has developed a strong technical understanding of silicone chemistry and material science.

From consumer electronics to automotive applications, silicone is used in more than one may think. By utilizing her skills in formulation and mechanical characterization, Michelle is on a mission to enhance silicone innovation in lighting, 3D printing, silicone elastomers, and more…

Join in now to find out:

  • How silicone is driving the technology market forward.
  • The differences between rubber and silicone.
  • The primary reasons why scientists use silicone to create different materials.
  • Why silicone is used in water-resistant applications.

Want to learn more about Michelle and her work with Dow Performance Silicones? Click here now!

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