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Few people consider the ways in which the environment is affected by the animals that inhabit them. From urban landscapes to desert terrains – animals have a profound impact on the land around them. Although this may be an overlooked area of investigation, researchers are uncovering fascinating discoveries about the way animals influence the world. 

Today we hear from Dr. Ilya V. Buynevich, an Associate Professor at the Department of Earth and Environmental Science, Temple University. Dr. Buynevich is a geologist who spends his time conducting research on topics such as event sedimentology, process geomorphology, and animal-landscape interaction.

Hit play to hear Dr. Buynevich discuss:

  • How large animals impact the environment around them.
  • His observations of particular animals, and how they affect nature over time.
  • The tools that he uses to conduct his research.
  • Why he studies this subject.
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To learn more about Dr. Buynevich and his work, click here.

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