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In recent years, increases in bandwidth, the development of multi-camera video technology, the advent of smartphones, and the popularity of social media platforms has led to the hyper-acceleration of the world of live-streaming video. Bulldog Digital Media (DM) is a live-streaming company focused on bringing premium content and best practices to this exciting and expanding market, helping content owners, brands, agencies, platforms, and artists harness the power of live-streaming video in order to deliver the best possible experiences for consumers. With the explosion of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitch, there’s been a real interest in shared and participatory experiences—particularly among millennials.

CEO of Bulldog DM, John Petrocelli, and his team are dedicated to increasing consumer engagement and bringing these experiences to life. Among other topics, he joins the podcast to discuss the challenges in keeping consumers engaged for extended periods of time and how to overcome those challenges, the falling prices of high-quality video equipment and how this has impacted the space, and the development of a proprietary tool that’s allowed Bulldog DM to deliver four-camera HD-produced experiences on Instagram.

Tune in for all the details and visit for more.

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