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In 2015, a group of researchers at MIT released a paper that discussed decentralized data marketplaces- an idea that would soon form the roots and vision of Enigma. One of those researchers was Can Kisagun, who is now a Co-founder at Enigma. “We really want to rethink how data is shared, aggregated and monetized in today’s world,” says Kisagun. The goal of Enigma is to provide data and research tools that will allow people to build their own algorithms, which in turn will empower them to make better trading decisions. Kisagun believes that this is necessary in order to help level the playing field between the average person and the algorithmic bots against which they often trade in the marketplace. Enigma allows its users the freedom to “build, test, and master winning investment strategies,” leading to greater returns on investments, and better chances at beating out their competitors.

Enigma is building an open, decentralized data marketplace and tools for data curators and consumers. Their product is Catalyst, which allows anyone to create, test, and deploy data-driven crypto investment strategies. The Enigma token sale is coming up on August 21. You can get more information on their website – – and their blog – For any questions, please join their 1000+ person Slack community at in to hear more.

Kisagun also discusses:

  • The five factors that characterize the evolution of different token projects (both pre and post-ICO) over time
  • Upcoming goals of Enigma, including live market simulations to help prepare users to trade on the real market
  • Problems with current Data Aggregation and Monetization

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