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Have you always had an interest in the bioscience and tech worlds, but never really had a chance to truly explore them? Have you had trouble finding good resources for learning more about biotechnology and the biological design space?

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Or maybe you’ve learned a lot, but never really had the chance to practice any of it in hands-on fashion? If so, Genspace is an open access life sciences lab catering directly to you.

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Simply put, Genspace is a safe, inclusive space where you can receive hands-on instruction and engage in open dialogue about exciting and emerging biotechnologies, including CRISPR-Cas9, protein engineering, next-generation drug development, and a number of other fields in cutting-edge science. And when you become a member of Genspace, you’re given 24/7 access to the lab for exploring your own questions and topics of interest, or for starting your own personal project.

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Beth Tuck is the Director of Science Education at Genspace, and she joins the podcast to provide a glimpse into this exiting and creative world that’s kept in motion by pure curiosity, creativity, and a desire to learn. She provides a few examples of projects being carried out by Genspace members, surprising new areas of interest in the bio-design space (including the creation of furniture from mushrooms!) and how biology communities with similar goals as Genspace are popping up around the world.

Tune in for all the details, and visit for more info.

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