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We’re living in an age where not only can DNA be synthesized, but it can be applied as a technology. The applications of DNA are manifold, and some, never-before-seen. TwistBioScience creates DNA that can be used to produce chemicals, store data, improve vaccines and therapeutics, and produce disease- and climate-resistant plants.

The thing about DNA is, the longer you get, the harder it is to make.

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Twist makes DNA in short strands… about one millionth the length of the human genome: 3,200 base pairs. (When you’re making DNA with under 10,000 base pairs, you can use E. Coli, which is a well-understood, and well-behaved organism.

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) These small genes can still be deployed, though; and in today’s market, that’s where the demand is.

Listen to learn more about making DNA from scratch.

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