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Spectrum, the airwaves used to send communications signals, such as for mobile phones or wireless Internet, is an important topic that not many people know about.

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Currently, access to spectrum is sold by governments around the world to large companies, who then have the right to exclude others from access to it, whether or not they actually are using it.

The International Telecommunications Union, part of the United Nations, helps develop broadband rules for its members, but members are not required to follow them. The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance is a global organization made up of various companies, universities, and other organizations who are committed to allowing increased unlicensed and shared access to unused spectrum frequencies, of which there are many.

They believe that doing so will increase innovation across a number of industries, as well as increased broadband services.

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Kalpak discusses how this group came about, the challenges they face in changing the minds of regulators and politicians around the world, and the future of global telecommunications.

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