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Dr. Kenneth Stanley is a professor at the University of Central Florida and the founder of Geometric Intelligence, a machine learning company that was renamed Uber AI Labs after being acquired by Uber in later 2016. “Uber recognized that AI and machine learning are ultimately fundamental to their business,” says Dr. Stanley. The technology not only holds the promise of developing autonomous control capabilities, but also improving business operations through the optimization of dispatch mechanisms, which would result in faster pick up times.

From the beginning, the philosophy of the company has been to maintain a diverse set of interests in the AI space by exploring several subcategories of AI, such as neuroevolution and neural network research. Through the combination of neural networking principles and evolutionary computation, neuroevolutionary tools give way to “reinforcement learning,” the development of which could allow for the enhancement of automated decision-making processes.

As a senior research scientist on the cutting-edge of this technology, Dr. Stanley is a wealth of information. Tune in to hear him touch on a variety of topics, including the recent jump from being able to create just a few thousand network connections to being able to create millions.

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