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Facial recognition has been around for a while now. Companies like Ever AI, one of the leading platforms in the space, are catapulting this technology to the next level with their advanced face recognition platform. In this interview Doug Aley, Chief Revenue Officer at EVER AI, shares with listeners the advancements in facial recognition and how we can use it to simplify our every day lives.

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Aley explains why businesses have been looking for better ways to offer frictionless authentication to their customers for payment applications aiming to ease the user experience. The platform really took off after the successful release of the iPhone X with Face ID. People stopped being afraid of facial recognition technology and instead have started embracing it once they saw how easy and secure, it is to access data off their phone.

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Since the launch, Ever AI has seen a huge surgency of other companies looking for ways to implement the technology into their business models.

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Right now, Aley is seeing is the most demand for facial recognition coming from banking, finance and security companies. They are using the technology for something as simple as entry to office buildings to authenticating users to give access to important data. While we are at it, let’s not forget some of the more entertaining use cases including facial recognition with IoT devices such as washing machines, refrigerators and robots, of course.

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