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Have you ever wondered how alcohol contributed to the origins of our civilization? Well, look no further. In this episode, we explore how our ancestors used alcohol and other intoxicants – and why humans have been innately drawn to drunkenness throughout history…

Joining us to address this topic and others like it is Edward “Ted” Slingerland. Ted is a professor at the University of British Columbia, where teaches and researches East Asian studies, religious history, philosophy, and psychology.

Ted is the author of the recent book, Drunk: How We Sipped, Danced and Stumbled Our Way to Civilization. Here he dives into “the alcohol-soaked origins of civilization — and the evolutionary roots of humanity’s appetite for intoxication.”

In this episode, you will uncover:

  • The intersection between chemical intoxicants and spiritual experience.
  • The difference between stimulants and intoxicants.
  • Dangers that have arisen as alcohol consumption has evolved.
  • The importance of understanding the function of alcohol.

Want to find out more about Ted and his work? Visit now!

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