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Abacus Next is the only fully-integrated technology as a service solution provider on the market, and their cloud-based solution is helping a wide range of professionals manage and automate the complexities specific to their business in a compliant and secure way.

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They specialize in helping companies that work in highly regulated industries that deal with protected and sensitive client data, and they’re not new to the field—they’ve been in business for 35 years now, evolving alongside the changing landscape of technology, and servicing about a half million business professionals across the globe.

One of their main products is the Abacus private cloud, which helps professionals get off IT and enter a full-managed private cloud, and another one of their main products is HotDocs, a document automation and assembly platform that’s currently being used by four out of the five largest banks in the world. While they primarily service professionals in the legal, accounting, finance, insurance, and government realms, their customer base ranges from Fortune 100 companies to small and medium-sized businesses.

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Chief Marketing officer, Eric Cutler, has been a member of the team at Abacus Next for several years now, and joins the podcast to discuss all the ins and outs of the services they provide, including the tailored platforms they have for subsections within the legal profession—a profession that’s particularly complicated, varied, and immersed in highly sensitive data.

Interested in learning how Abacus Next may be of service to you or your business?

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