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Imagine being given two options: lose your license to practice medicine, or keep quiet about a substance that you know has revolutionary therapeutic applications.

You might think no doctor would ever find themselves in such a position. Think again.

And press play to learn:

  • How chlorine dioxide is able to kill pathogens, but not biological tissues
  • How chlorine dioxide and its use as a therapy for some illnesses was discovered
  • Why you won’t find the information in this podcast anywhere else, unless you dig really deep

Ken McCarthy, a pioneer in the movement to commercialize the internet, a wealth of knowledge on internet advertising and marketing, and former student of neuroscience at Princeton University, presents a compelling argument for the safe and effective use of chlorine dioxide as a therapeutic for a range of illnesses.

If he’s right, why don’t you know about it? Or maybe what you do know about it is that it’s a dangerous toxin, not to be touched.

McCarthy begins with some indisputable facts:

1)      Chlorine dioxide is an FDA-approved Class II food additive

2)      The EPA has approved the use of chlorine dioxide as a water purifier

3)      Chlorine dioxide was used during the 2001 anthrax attacks to clear the Capitol Building of any anthrax remnants

4)      Chlorine dioxide is used as a sterilization substance in the treatment of Ebola

5)      The administration of trace amounts of chlorine dioxide is part of some protocols for the treatment of children with autism

6)      Chlorine dioxide can kill coronaviruses

McCarthy also offers an impressive and surprising amount of anecdotal evidence in support of the argument that chlorine dioxide is an effective therapy.

He names specific people who have written articles or news stories that contain misinformation or flat-out lies about chlorine dioxide, and explains what motivates the powers that be to conceal the truth from the public.

Could it have something to do with the fact that one therapeutic dose of chlorine dioxide costs less than a penny? And that, given its true potential as a treatment for a range of common ailments, Big Pharma might not like this?

McCarthy seems to think so, and by the end of the podcast, you probably will too.

Press play to learn more.

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