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Since 2015, RFi Group has been releasing biannual reports surveying 12,000 customers across 10 markets about their digital banking and digital payments behavior. RFi Group is now in 44 markets, holds regular media events, and talks to 500,000 customers and 100,000 corporates a year about their aptitude for digital banking and payments.

Charles Green is the founder and CEO of RFi Group and shares his insight on the structure and developmental trends in the traditional banking system, discussing how some banks in Australia and Singapore are flipping that tradition on its head. “They’ve brought banking to you at the moment that you need it without you having to go to the bank,” says Green. He also discusses the impact he foresees this having on traditional financial institutions and some of the barriers to public trust in technology versus banking companies.

RFi Group plans to continue working with new players in digital banking and doing more work in the US. To get in contact and learn more, visit


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