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Can electrical currents play a part in cancer prevention and early detection? Research is beginning to reveal new ways to detect small clusters of cancer cells. Press play to learn:

  • How your body’s PH affect cells and how that PH is regulated
  • Do cancer cells generate electric signals based on their aggressiveness?
  • How sodium correlates with cancer cells

Emeritus professor and natural sciences faculty member Mustafa Djamgoz shares his research into the relationship between cancer cells and electricity.

Active cancer cells have an electric current that runs a gradient through the membrane of the cell. As the voltage changes, structures within the cell will respond differently.

New medications can suppress the persistent current that runs through at-risk cells and correlates with a large amount of sodium. While this treatment has only been tested on animals, the results are promising, and human trials are on the horizon.

More information is available by searching for Mustafa Djamgoz on, or you can find his studies by searching online.

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