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It’s adaptive, convenient, and also fashionable: BILLY Footwear is completely changing the game in terms of versatile footwear that’s desired by anyone and everyone—not just those who actually need it. Founder of BILLY Footwear, Billy Price, joins the podcast to discuss the shoe that’s garnering a lot of attention due to its unique and unprecedented design, which, rather than forcing you to shove your foot into the shoe and use dexterity of the fingers to maneuver shoe laces, allows you to step into it with ease and pull a single zipper to secure it on your foot.

Billy Price shares his story with us, explaining what led to his need for the shoe, as well as his process in developing and marketing it. He draws attention to what many people may be all too familiar with: that feeling of being the only person to wear something purely adaptive, and having to experience the negative attention that can come along with it. For those who have disabilities, this shoe can change everything for them by restoring independence, while at the same time allowing them to wear something that everyone finds desirable and convenient. In fact, the vast majority of his customers seek the shoe simply because of its attractive design. In addition, the design is attracting a number of think tanks interested in a shoe that can act as a receptacle for studies designed to study differences in gait. Interested in learning more or getting a pair for yourself? Visit

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