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In this podcast, Gail McIntyre, Ph.D., DABT, Chief Scientific Officer of Aravive, delivers a comprehensive overview of her work as CSO developing options to treat an assortment of diseases.

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Before arriving at Aravive, Dr. McIntyre was a principal and/or consultant at multiple innovative pharmaceutical and biotechnology-oriented companies. Opening the podcast, Dr. McIntyre discusses in detail all the groundbreaking work they are producing at Aravive, developing treatments to stop the progression of life-threatening diseases. Dr. McIntyre explains how the Aravive system is built upon an approach to target influential signaling pathways that sustain the activation, the migration, and eventual invasion of abnormal cells into otherwise healthy tissue.

The scientific officer explains how tumors work to survive in less than ideal environments. She discusses the secretion of interleukins that can affect white cells. She provides a thorough analysis of the varied processes that sometimes work to improve multiple factors for tumor growth that allows them to survive in all kinds of conditions. She talks about their current work studying the effects and impact of select oncology drugs, observing GAS6 levels in monkeys.

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Dr. McIntyre further explains how select particular doses of drugs can suppress GAS6 levels, specifically in regard to their ongoing study of ovarian cancer.

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Dr. McIntyre has authored many regulatory submissions and she is a board-certified toxicologist with noted expertise in oncology and infectious diseases, etc.

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