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It’s only within the last decade or so that there’s been an understanding and growing appreciation of the ways in which cancer cells interact with the body, and the important clinical impacts of these interactions. Prior to this, the main focus was on developing therapies that only targeted the tumors themselves. However, due to the hyper-evolving nature of cancer cells and their ability to manipulate and adapt to the environment in ways that promote their growth, therapies designed to attack only them don’t always provide clinical benefit for the patient.

Masoud Tavazoie, MD, Ph.D., is the CEO and co-founder of Rgenix, a company with a scientific approach to this problem that models the interactions between tumors and tumor microenvironments to not only learn more about the ways in which tumors communicate with the body, but also identify specific targets on immune cells that, when provided with novel therapeutics, will bolster the body’s ability to mount an effective response against tumor growth. Since the therapies being developed by Rgenix don’t necessarily act on the cancer cells themselves but on the body’s ability to combat them, they have the potential to treat multiple types of cancer.

Rgenix currently has several drug programs in clinical development, and Dr. Tavazoie joins the podcast to discuss each of them, as well as a range of other important and interesting topics in this new and exciting realm of cancer technology.

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