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Procertas (Professional Certifications and Technology Assessments) offers training on vital, but often dismissed skills such as

Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and other common office technologies. In Law Firms, Doctor’s offices, and other professional firms, you’d be surprised at how much productivity can be improved when you train your staff on these basic programs.

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Procertas’ flagship product is the Legal Technology Assessment or LTA.

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The LTA, is a first of its kind to integrate benchmarking, training platform pairing and competence-based assessments with synchronized, active learning in a live environment. Once a client completes the course, they become COBOT Qualified (Certified Operator of Basic Office Technology).

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Casey Flaherty, founder of Procertas, discusses the importance of legal professionals to be fluent in the tools of their trade and how the LTA benchmark assessment and training program can be used for marketing, professional development, team assembly, on-boarding, provider differentiation, rate negotiation, etc. Casey reveals how important it is that legal professionals are getting the training they need in this ever-changing, competitive market.

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